blue-questionThe short answer to the question of whether or not taking an improv class will help someone have a better stand-up comedy routine is – yes, but not in the way you are probably hoping for.

Here’s why I say that:

First think about the term “improv class”.

If improv was all “off the top of the head” comments or reactions between improv performers, why does somebody need a class for that? Well, the reality is that… Read the rest of this entry

blue-questionThere is simply no way to pinpoint how many performances it will take any specific individual to be funny on stage with their stand-up comedy act.

The reason I say that is because there are simple too many unknown factors involved to accurately answer that question in a meaningful way for any specific individual wanting to get big laughs as a comedian.

Some people can start killing audiences in very few stand-up comedy performances. For others, it can literally take years. But I think what is important to know is this: Read the rest of this entry

blue-questionOne of the things that folks who are trying to learn how to do stand-up comedy want to know is how much performing time they need for any particular stand-up comedy gig.

That aspect of stand-up comedy is dependent upon not only skill level but the requirements of the gig itself.

Here are some basic performance time guidelines for various types of stand-up comedy gigs:
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