blue-questionThis may sound a bit odd, but I couldn’t tell you how to write stand-up comedy “jokes” that would actually work on stage if my mom was being held hostage and here’s why:

There is a HUGE difference between trying to “write” jokes from a blank piece of paper and “writing down” and structuring what you want to say and express to an audience, specifically because:
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blue-questionThe very first thing I would do to get started as a comedian is to find out if there are any comedy open mic nights in your local area.

Comedy open mic nights are where most new comedians start and the easiest ones to find will usually be hosted by local comedy clubs if your area has them.

Usually, comedy club open mic nights will be listed on the comedy club website.
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blue-questionBefore I identify some of the major issues involved with a stand-up comedy act that is not getting laughs – which is called bombing on stage — let me say this:

There’s much more involved when it comes to developing and delivering a stand-up comedy act that does generate noteworthy laughs on a consistent basis than meets the eye.

Not that anything about developing and delivering a powerful stand-up comedy act is difficult (provided an individual has comedy talent), but is does involve consideration and application of a number of important factors that most new comedians simply ignore or that they are completely unaware of.
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Top Resources For New Comedians: and

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