blue-questionComedy open mic nights are usually the primary stepping stone most comedians use to start the process of becoming a comedian.

Unfortunately, comedy open mic nights also tend to be the performing opportunities most squandered by new and prospective comedians. It’s from this perspective I want to answer the question, keeping this in mind:

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
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blue-questionMany new comedians are under the false impression that if they can just learn and understand joke formulas that they will be better able to “write” a stand-up comedy act that gets laughs.

The reality is that joke formulas as they are perceived and taught in stand-up comedy books, classes and workshops are largely a huge waste of time and here’s why I can say that:
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blue-questionProbably one of the most prevalent misconceptions about writing a stand-up comedy routine is that if it reads funny from a piece of paper or word processor then it will automatically be funny when delivered on stage.

By its very nature, some stand-up comedy material will certainly read funny.

But most stand-up comedy material that will actually generate decent laughs actually won’t read funny at all.

As a matter of fact, some stand-up comedy material that will generate big laughs on stage actually won’t make much sense as it is “read” from paper or a word processor. Read the rest of this entry

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