blue-questionThe decision to take a stand-up comedy workshop or class is strictly a matter of personal choice (and availability).

And just like most everything else in life, there are positive aspects and not-so-positive aspects when it comes to these sorts of “formalized” stand-up comedy education offerings.

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blue-questionThe short answer to that question is that there is no such thing as a best comedy topic for stand-up comedy material and here’s why I say that:

The sense of humor that anyone has is formed as a result of a number of factors. The experiences, observations, opinions, views, etc. that activate a person’s sense of humor are different for everyone on an individual basis.
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blue-questionActually, if you know how to develop stand-up comedy material based on your sense of humor and natural expressive comedy traits, you shouldn’t be experiencing writer’s block at all.

Let me put this another way…

The only comedians who experience writer’s block are those who are actually trying to “write” stand-up comedy material from a blank piece of paper in the literal sense – like a poem or short story.
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