blue-questionOne of the things that new comedians want to know is what the earning potential is for pro comedians.

First, let me start with this:

All pro comedians are independent contractors who are usually paid on a performance by performance basis.

They are usually paid in cash or with a company check and they are responsible for paying the taxes on income earned. Read the rest of this entry

blue-questionWith the exception of poorly set-up stand-up comedy shows or very small audience attendance, you may be surprised to know that bombing on stage as a comedian is mostly a self-inflicted experience.

What adds insult to injury when it comes to bombing on stage as a comedian is that it is also largely an exercise in what I can only describe as “silent public humiliation”.

The reason I say that is because there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that one does not comment on an individual’s failed sense of humor or a less than optimal stand-up comedy performance, which basically leaves a comedian in the dark about how awful their stand-up comedy performance actually was on stage. Read the rest of this entry

blue-questionThe first thing I need to point out is that a comedian must have a solid act before they can effectively engage in any sort of activities to market themselves.

The reason that I say that is because there are people who don’t have a solid stand-up comedy act developed and in some instances have never been on stage, yet they have this false notion that they can somehow market themselves as a comedian.
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