blue-questionWhen it comes to determining how many jokes are in a 2-3 minute stand-up comedy routine, it depends on how one defines the term “joke”.

A much better question would be:

How many punchlines are in a 2-3 minute stand-up comedy routine?

That way the information applies equally to those who are trying to write “one liners” the hard, old school way or for those who are developing topic based material (which is much easier) where an entire bit is the foundation for multiple punchlines and tag lines related to the same topic.
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blue-questionYes, you can overcome stage fright. But you have to know what causes stage fright to happen in the first place if you want to get rid of stage fright and excel as a comedian.

There are two primary aspects that work in tandem to either accentuate or reduce stage fright:

1. The subconscious mental connection you have with the prospect of performing in front of an audience. This aspect is the major cause of stage fright but is significantly reinforced by the next aspect which is…
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blue-questionI know that there are quite a few folks who land on my websites looking for stand-up comedy writing exercises.

On surface it would seem like stand-up comedy writing exercises would be a solid and logical activity to help someone to write jokes or otherwise develop a stand-up comedy routine.

Well, don’t be fooled. In this article I am going to explain what stand-up comedy writing exercises are and why I believe they are largely worthless in helping anyone develop a stand-up comedy act that actually gets laughs when it is performed. Read the rest of this entry

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