blue-questionThe first thing you need to know is that all comedy and humor has a foundation in truth, whether it be in casual conversations or on the stand-up comedy stage.

The degree that stand-up comedy material is “truthful” is dependent solely upon the comedian and what they choose to say and express for the stage.

I should point out that whatever foundational “truth” a comedian is expressing should be easily recognized by the audience as “truthful”, accurate or factual in some way – otherwise the audience won’t respond to the comedian’s humorous perspective or point of view as it relates to the “truth” they present.
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blue-questionThe first thing I need to point out is that a comedian must have a solid act before they can effectively engage in any sort of activities to market themselves.

The reason that I say that is because there are people who don’t have a solid stand-up comedy act developed and in some instances have never been on stage, yet they have this false notion that they can somehow market themselves as a comedian.
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blue-questionLet me start with this – it doesn’t matter whether a comedian is trying to write a stand-up comedy routine from blank paper the hard way or they are developing topic based stand-up comedy material the easier way…

The comedy ideas any comedian comes up with should be a reflection of their own sense of humor which then becomes a tightly structured stand-up comedy routine for the stage.

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