How Long Does It Take To Be Funny As A Comedian?

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blue-questionThere’s no definitive, one-size-fits-all answer on how long it will take anyone to become their funniest as a comedian because of the number of variables involved when it comes to developing and delivering a high impact stand-up comedy act.

Here are some of the variables that I am referring to:

1. Level of talent. Just like in any other endeavor, there are those who simply have more comedy talent than others.

Talent level can have a direct impact on a comedian’s progress.

2. Performing opportunities. As a general rule, the more an individual can perform, the faster that they will progress on stage as a comedian provided they have comedy talent and have a handle on the remaining variables.

3. The process used by the comedian to develop their stand-up comedy material. For those comedians who are trying to “write jokes” one at a time from a blank piece of paper…

That sort of antiquated process for developing comedy material can literally add years to how fast a comedian can progress.

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4. The rehearsal process. Unfortunately, the only time most comedians “rehearse” is in front of an audience (usually at stand-up comedy open mic nights).

Effective rehearsal involves much more than just memorizing words and can literally shave many months if not years off the process of being able to deliver a powerful and funny stand-up comedy act.

5. Performance improvement evaluations. Once again, most comedians don’t engage in any sort of performance improvement activities and seem to prefer a blind trial and error approach.

Optimally, comedians should be able to make deliberate and intelligent adjustments in their stand-up comedy material on a performance by performance basis until their act is as tight as it can possibly be.

So to answer the question more directly…

Comedians who are able to effectively manage the variables that I have described can potentially have a very solid stand-up comedy act developed in just a matter months.

Those who don’t usually take years to develop a powerful stand-up comedy act, if they can get past the comedy open mic stage at all.

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