What Are The Basic Joke Formulas I Can Use To Develop My Stand-up Comedy Act?

Struggling To  Write Jokes That Get The Big Laughs? The #1 Cause Is Revealed In Episode 2.

blue-questionMany new comedians are under the false impression that if they can just learn and understand joke formulas that they will be better able to “write” a stand-up comedy act that gets laughs.

The reality is that joke formulas as they are perceived and taught in stand-up comedy books, classes and workshops are largely a huge waste of time and here’s why I can say that:

Any so-called joke formula you can find represents an after-the-fact description of similar “techniques” comedians used in their stand-up comedy material to get laughs.

The problem is that joke formulas only account for similarities in word or sentence structure as they are read as transcribed on paper, ignoring the comedy mechanics involved as the comedy material or punchlines were delivered by the comedian.

In other words, joke formulas exclude the majority of the attributes of what any comedian says that gets laughs and focus only on identification of the similar attributes as they apply to the literal words and sentences any particular comedian used.

Examples of any kind of so-called joke formula offer only academic recognition as well – not actionable information a comedian can use and apply to developing their own stand-up comedy material that will actually work for them.

It would be no different if I gave you the definitions of different radio controlled vehicles. Then I showed you example after example of different radio controlled vehicles.

All of that information about radio controlled vehicles is purely academic and wouldn’t help you in any way to know how to skillfully build a radio controlled car, boat or aircraft that would actually work.

The exact same condition exists with joke formulas.

Here’s what you need to know about developing a stand-up comedy act that is a bit more functional (and realistic):

1. The comedy mechanics that you use in everyday life are exactly the same as those you will use on the stand-up comedy stage to be big laughs.

2. You already use “joke formulas” so to speak that are specific to you and your sense of humor when you generate a laugh anywhere and incorporate much more than the literal words and sentences you use when you speak.

3. You don’t have to know a single so-called joke formula in order to be able to develop and deliver a stand-up comedy act that works for you and your unique sense of humor.

Bottom Line: Trying to learn and apply predefined joke formulas in order to somehow develop a stand-up comedy act is much like trying to paint a house with a toothpick.

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