How Do Comedians Come Up With Their Stand-up Comedy Material Ideas?

blue-questionLet me start with this – it doesn’t matter whether a comedian is trying to write a stand-up comedy routine from blank paper the hard way or they are developing topic based stand-up comedy material the easier way…

The comedy ideas any comedian comes up with should be a reflection of their own sense of humor which then becomes a tightly structured stand-up comedy routine for the stage.

In other words, what a comedian chooses to talk about on stage tends to represent the way they view any aspect of life and the way life experiences activate their sense of humor.

If you take a broad view look at what comedians talk about on stage, you will find the end result of their comedy ideas that includes experiences, observations, views and opinions that they may have concerning just about anything under the sun.

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But to be more specific, comedians tend to get their comedy ideas from:

  • Interactions and experiences with other people. This could be anyone from a family member to a complete stranger.
  • Experiences during any activity or event.
  • Information that they have read or heard about.
  • Conversations with other people.
  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Opinions and viewpoints about virtually anything.

There’s no real way to pinpoint specific comedy ideas for any one person (I have described the “generic” comedy idea sources above) because each person sees the world around them in different ways. In other words, what may be funny to one person on an individual level may not be funny at all to another person.

So what matters in stand-up comedy is that whatever a comedian talks about on stage engages their own sense of humor and also generates audience laughter as well.

The problem that most comedians have when trying to come up with comedy ideas is that they are attempting to write a stand-up comedy routine in a literary fashion starting with “fabricated” ideas and notions about what “may” be funny to an audience instead of using their own sense of humor first.

The reality is this — ideas for stand-up comedy material are virtually everywhere if an individual has comedy talent, uses their sense of humor frequently throughout the course of everyday life and knows how to structure their sense of humor for the stage.

As a matter of fact, I would say that for those who are not trying to “write” a stand-up comedy routine from a blank piece of paper…

Give the proper techniques and strategies, a naturally funny person should have many more comedy ideas for stand-up comedy material than they will ever have time to develop or get stage time to perform.

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