What Questions Should You Be Asking About Becoming A Comedian?

For most people who start to dream about the possibilities of becoming a comedian or other comedy professional…

They don’t even realize that beyond whatever cherry picked and properly packaged information that has been disseminated on the indoctrination device known as the TV…

The reality is this — they don’t really know a thing about what’s involved, how to get started or what questions they should be asking to get the solid information needed to move forward in a meaningful way and not look like a complete goob in the process.

So let’s begin with this:

In order to become any sort of comedy professional — whether it be a stand-up comedian, entertainer or funny public speaker — you have to come to the table with an already developed routine or presentation that will generate big and frequent audience laughs.

Subsequently, I believe that the important questions that you should be asking right now should be focused on the most effective and fastest ways for developing solid, big-laugh comedy material for a routine or for adding comedy or humor to a speech or presentation.

So let’s start with a few questions about you and what you know right now.

Does the sense of humor and comedy talent that you have right now — developed since you were very young — have any real bearing or influence when developing pro-level comedy material for audiences?

This is a big deal because, if who you are and how you cause others around you to laugh is not good enough for the stage or for any speech or presentation, I would have to ask: why not? Could it be that…

The vast majority of the so-called comedy “experts” out there focus on some sort of “writing” process in order to get those jokes, develop that comedy routine, or write that funny presentation that will have audiences howling with laughter.

I do not subscribe to or support any sort of typical or conventional writing process when it comes to producing comedy material because…

Well, just answer these questions honestly:

The last time you were hanging out with friends, family coworkers on a break, and making each other laugh…

How did you write that comedy material? How did you pick which joke formulas to use? How did you write the punchlines?

How do your friends, family and coworkers write the comedy material that they use when they are generating laughs during casual conversations? Do they have a way to pick the right joke formulas and write funny punchlines when talking with others without thinking about it much?

Now if you think that what you are wanting to do with your comedy talent professionally is far different than what you do when making the people laugh that you hang out with everyday…

You are headed down the path of struggle and failure, no matter what end result you are looking for. How can I say that?

Answer these questions:

Do you know the real differences between making the people around you laugh laugh without really thinking about it and making audiences laugh?

What’s the real difference between the “audience” of people that you associate with daily and an audience of people who don’t know you?

The answer to these questions is covered in detail in the Special Report: The Stand-up Secret That No One Else Will Tell You

Are you even aware that you and the people around you produce more usable comedy material in a month than you could use in a year — just standing around, shooting the breeze?

Not only that, that it has already proven itself to have laughter generating potential?

I actually have an article with a process that you can use right now for harvesting bulk comedy material and comedy ideas from casual conversations:

Secrets For Harvesting Powerful Stand-up Comedy Material From Casual Conversations

If you will pay close attention to the information in that article as well as the associated Special Report — you can literally have a serious advantage that most never have and that is:

To have the ability recognize and to immediately tap into your comedy talent and the comedy talent of those around you when it comes collecting bulk, ready to edit comedy material and ideas for the stand-up comedy or public speaking adventures.

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