Comedian Resources

mic-smallThe Killer Stand-up Online Course

This extensive course is NOT your Grandpa’s “how to write jokes from a blank piece of paper” type of instruction. Provides 5 free lessons that every new comedian should review before making the jump into stand-up comedy (no sign-up required).

Visitors also have free access to the first two chapters of the Interactive Writing Guide and Interactive Performing Guide (over 100 pages).

Comedy Pro Membership Program

This one-of-a-kind program provides a constant flow of valuable information of interest to new comedians as well as a platform to get questions about any aspect of stand-up comedy answered.

Corporate Comedy Secrets

This audio training course is for comedians who have the ability to develop a clean stand-up comedy act and provides information on how to break into the potentially lucrative corporate comedy market.

Note: This audio training course is made available to all Killer Stand-up Online Course Members.

My YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel that is devoted to providing basic information for new comedians as well as extensive interviews with successful comedians who have used the Killer Stand-up Online Course materials to their advantage.

The Stand-up Comedy Tips Blog

This is my other stand-up comedy blog for comedians that contains a wide variety of articles on the more foundational aspects of stand-up comedy.