blue-questionThe short answer to the question of whether or not taking an improv class will help someone have a better stand-up comedy routine is – yes, but not in the way you are probably hoping for.

Here’s why I say that:

First think about the term “improv class”.

If improv was all “off the top of the head” comments or reactions between improv performers, why does somebody need a class for that? Well, the reality is that… Read the rest of this entry

blue-questionLet me start with this – it doesn’t matter whether a comedian is trying to write a stand-up comedy routine from blank paper the hard way or they are developing topic based stand-up comedy material the easier way…

The comedy ideas any comedian comes up with should be a reflection of their own sense of humor which then becomes a tightly structured stand-up comedy routine for the stage.

In other words, what a comedian chooses to talk about on stage tends to represent the way they view any aspect of life and the way life experiences activate their sense of humor. Read the rest of this entry

blue-questionOne of the things that folks who are trying to learn how to do stand-up comedy want to know is how much performing time they need for any particular stand-up comedy gig.

That aspect of stand-up comedy is dependent upon not only skill level but the requirements of the gig itself.

Here are some basic performance time guidelines for various types of stand-up comedy gigs:
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