What Do I Need To Know About Bombing On Stage As A Comedian?

comedian bombingWith the exception of poorly set-up stand-up comedy shows or very small audience attendance, you may be surprised to know that bombing on stage as a comedian is mostly a self-inflicted experience.

What adds insult to injury when it comes to bombing on stage as a comedian is that it is also largely an exercise in what I can only describe as “silent public humiliation”.

The reason I say that is because there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that one does not comment on an individual’s failed sense of humor or a less than optimal stand-up comedy performance, which basically leaves a comedian in the dark about how awful their stand-up comedy performance actually was on stage.

Here’s are some of the elements that have a direct impact on bombing on stage as a comedian:

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1. Lack of knowledge about how to develop and deliver a quality stand-up comedy act. Because most new comedians have only seen or experienced “polished and refined” stand-up comedy that “appears” as if the comedian is simply talking “off the top of their head”…

They are under the false impression that stand-up comedy is far easier than it appears, not realizing that it takes considerable knowledge and skill to develop and deliver a stand-up comedy act that gets noteworthy laughs.

2. Lack of preparation before performing. One need only attend any stand-up comedy open mic night anywhere in the world to see firsthand just how ill prepared new comedians are when it comes to delivering a stand-up comedy act that even has a chance of getting decent laughs.

3. Trying to “write” their way to being funny on stage. Comedians who only focus on the words and sentences they are going to use on stage automatically limit themselves to 7% of their laughter power potential on stage – which sets them up for long term bombing as a comedian.

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4. Delivering the same unfunny material expecting it to get funnier with “age”. Once again, you need only visit a couple of comedy open mic nights featuring the same comedians to see this bombing activity in action — bombing activity that has gone on for years in some cases.

5. Not enough comedy talent to be a comedian. While most people who attempt stand-up comedy have all the comedy talent they need, there are always a number of folks who want to be a comedian but don’t have the comedy talent God gave an ingrown toenail.

And an individual can’t “write” their way to having more comedy talent.

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As I mentioned before, the insidious part of bombing on stage is that no one will tell a comedian that they are terrible on stage, much less give them any solid and actionable information to improve their performances.

But comedy club owners and managers are well aware of the comedians who bomb onstage. Talent buyers and agents are well aware who can’t cut the mustard as a comedian.

And audiences also are also well aware of who bombs and who doesn’t as a comedian – and like I said, they usually won’t say a thing to the comedian – but they will most certainly tell their friends about the comedians they saw who tanked.

Ironically, bombing onstage as a comedian is primarily a self-inflicted affair (for the majority of those who do have plenty of comedy talent) that is usually easily overcome with the right actionable information when it comes to developing and delivering a professional stand-up comedy routine that capitalizes on ALL of an individual’s comedy talent right from the start.

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